Semalt: Link Wheeling in SEO strategy

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Link Wheeling: What is it and how does it work?
  3. Basic and Advanced Link wheeling in SEO strategy
  4. Why do you need a link wheel?
  5. How to Build a successful link wheel for your website?
  6. Key Notes 
  7. Conclusion 


Every online business owner wants their website to be featured on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) during keyword searches. This is the reason they put everything they've got into SEO. However, the world of SEO is all about strategy. Because SEO is not a fast-track tool to top visibility and more traffic, it requires step-by-step planning and calculation. And using the right strategy at the right time and in the right way is usually the answer to getting better rankings. This article will introduce you to one of the most efficient SEO strategies that could get your website the visibility you desire. In this guide, you'll learn what Link Wheeling is and how it can get you closer to your end goal - more sales + more revenue. 

Link Wheeling: What is it and how does it work?

You cannot fully grasp the concept of link wheeling until 'backlinking' has been explained. So what is backlinking? Well, the definition is in its name - 'back-link.' It is a URL address to your website, that's on an errand to link other websites back to yours. Was that complicating? Try this. 

The URL address in question is from your website e.g. And then this link is placed within the content of another website (not yours, but relevant to yours). So that when this link is clicked upon, it connects that website back to yours, hence, backlink. When a website is linked to content from another website (in this case, yours), search engines (like Google) consider your site as one with valuable content. And this makes your site look good with a higher ranking on SERPs. 

Now, back to the topic at hand - the link wheel. A link wheel is a combo of multiple interconnected backlinks to your website. You see, link wheeling is the merger of all the backlinks you have had from blogs, social media, pdfs, press releases, and so on. Link wheels make your site look more authoritative, trustworthy, reputable, and highly important. Therefore, you are bound to get a better rating on SERPs. And that in turn births a higher potential for major traffic visits.

Basic and Advanced Link Wheeling in SEO strategy

There are two magnitudes for link wheeling while planning out your SEO strategy. You can either be concise and simple or broad and effective. And you would be able to carefully plan out your strategy better when you have an understanding of both concepts.

The Basic Link Wheel

This requires a minimum of 8 backlinks from certain kinds of websites and a master site (that is the site that all the links would be pointed at). The links are connected in such a way that one links to another which links to the next, and so on until the eighth backlink. The links are usually from websites like Weebly, WordPress, and other Web 2.0 blogs. Then all the links would be driven back to the master site (in this case, your site). This would have been effective, but it could put your website into some trouble with Google if it is not done properly. 

The Advanced Link Wheel

This system was developed to cater to the weaknesses of the basic link wheel. This method is highly recommended by top SEO companies. It involves creating four basic link wheels that will all be driven towards the master site. For the advanced link wheel, Web 2. o sites, social media, blog posts, and article submissions are all used. 

Why do you need a Link wheel? 

Link wheels are aimed at making your website rank high on SERPs. But then, what's the benefit of that? Being on the first page or ranking high makes your website more visible. You could say your website is always in the face of the public. And when your visibility increases, more people are likely to visit your site. And when the number of people that visit your site increases, the number of people that buy your services or products would increase. So in other words, a link wheel = more visibility = more sales = more revenue.


However, here, effective SEO is required to keep your visitors. But that can be settled when you hire an SEO company to optimize your webpage and make it more attractive to magnet your visitors. It is a well-optimized website that can guarantee the result of this happening. A link wheel is a bait, an optimized website is a trap. 

How to Build a successful link wheel for your website?

Now that you know what a link wheel is and how important it is, here are some steps to follow in creating an effective link wheel for your website's SEO strategy. 

Key Notes

Though the aim is to saturate the web with your website's link, however, you can turn link wheeling from a white hat to a black hat if you are not careful. Here are some things you should take note of:


Links are one of the few Google ranking factors used today to rate a website. A website that has a good link wheel in its link profile is seen as authentic and trusting. The website would also be given much attention and the content would be classified as valuable (no one would link to value-less content anyway). Therefore, effective link wheeling is important if you wish to gain a competitive edge while enjoying a grand in-flow of website visitors. That's why you have to go big or go home. Instead of trying to do it on your own (which can be stressful), hire an expert at link building. They'll not only help you create a great link wheel but also monitor and track your success regularly. 

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